Official Launch of Bridge
2 min readOct 11, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Bridge today! Bridge, one of the few bridges within the Algorand Ecosystem, promotes interoperability by enabling two-way cross-chain transfer between Algorand and Ethereum.

What makes us unique? uses a liquidity model to bridge tokens that have existing use cases and dApp integrations, rather than using a wrapping model which mints a wrapped token which you must swap before it can be used on the destination chain.

First token that we will be launching is native USDC on Algorand and Ethereum. In the near future we will be introducing our Airdrop and Relay Service, which makes bridging into Algorand a delightful experience.

While only bridges between Algorand and Ethereum today, we will soon include other blockchains!

About aims to enable the future of interoperability and connectivity. Our bridge launch is the first step towards making this a reality. While we are working hard on adding tokens and chains to the token bridge, we also have plans in the works for a NFT bridge and cross-chain dApps. Whether you’re operating a protocol that needs to access another chain or a gamer who needs to transfer NFT assets over to another blockchain, we got you covered.

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