& AlgoMint Partner With AlgoRai Finance To Boost Options Vaults With DeFi Rewards
2 min readAug 17

-- is delighted to announce that we have partnered with AlgoMint to boost AlgoRai.Finance options vaults with DeFi Rewards!

During Algorand Governance Period 7, Algorand governors voted to “Boost” DeFi with targeted DeFi Rewards, and was blessed to receive 106,525 ALGO to distribute and we are awarding 50,000 ALGO to AlgoRai users!

These Rewards will be distributed to depositors of the following vaults, counting from the round starting 18 August 2023 and ending on 29 September 2023 (6 rounds total):

goBTC and goETH are tokens issued by AlgoMint and are bridgeable from both and!

Rewards will be distributed evenly between the vaults each round, and depositors will earn a pro-rata share equivalent to their deposit percentage of the total vault for that round. The AlgoRai.Finance rewards page is available here, users are able to view the amount of DeFi Reward Algos they have been awarded and claim them!

Thank you to the Algorand Foundation and all governors for this initiative to incentivise our DeFi ecosystem!

  • N.B. reserves the right to alter the DeFi Rewards distribution structure over the program period, as per the discretionary mandate given to it from the Algorand Foundation, if some APR is not being appropriately allocated and/or utilized effectively. As per the guidelines, 100% of the ALGO will be distributed, with no additional leftover funds held by

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